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Annoying Phone Numbers


Telf's Guide to Mystery Phone Numbers:

All of these numbers have called me in recent months, mostly trying to get my money.  They are listed here because a Google search didn't turn up any useful results, nor did a reverse directly lookup.  I thought there might be other people out there trying to figure out who's calling them, so I have done a little research and a little sitting on hold to figure out who's actually at the other end of these numbers.

778-785-6234 / 778-785-6244 (also 905-312-5942).  Claims to be "Political Opinions" research company.  Calls to try to convince you to participate in a 30-second survey, after which they will give you a "free" cruise to the Bahamas. (The "free" cruise will only cost you $170 - $340)  A call back gets you a message saying "You were called to participate in a survey, and now the survey time has expired".  Added July 2012. If you wade through and manage to convince them you're interested, they will eventually reveal to you that they are:

Caribbean Cruise Line
Port of Palm Beach
301 Broadway STE 101B
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Toll Free 1-800-221-8200,
Mon Fri 9 AM till 10 PM, Sat 10 AM till 4 PM
They claim to be registered, licensed and bonded with the State of Florida, S.O.T. Registration No. ST-37425.

See more info here:

866-423-0533 - BYL Services LLC. - They are a collection agency with offices across the USA.  They also do some property management.

905-366-5002 - "Hello I have a call for you.  Please hold while I connect you".  These are the systems I hate the most.  They call you and expect you to hold?  By the way, they always tell you "your call is next in line".  It doesn't mean a thing.  I sat on hold for 30 minutes before giving up.  If anyone knows who this is, please let me know!

416-920-6649 If you call this line back they identify themselves as the "Donations Line".  Gerry from Nova Scotia wrote in and said it belongs to the "Response Marketing Group".  He also said they were marketing on behalf of the Candlelighters (Childhood Cancer Foundation). Jeanne from Ontario says they were soliciting donations for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Maureen from Ontario says they were calling to promote the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.  This is the second most popular number on my list, probably due to the long silence or 'hang-ups' when you pick up the phone. 

888-574-9134 Geo Holidays.  They try to tell you that you had won a ballot, and have a choice of four free holiday packages to choose from.  You can see their website here: but a Google search is somewhat more revealing:

800-831-9547 and 800-831-9706 Gemma Communications.  Telemarketing, possibly on behalf of Rogers Cable TV, among others. If you call them back you can add yourself to their "do not solicit" list.

866-259-4317 "Allied International Credit".  A collection agency.

866-289-4409 "Teleperformance Canada".  Telemarketing and surveys.

800-544-9052 "ICP Group".  Telemarketing, in this case on behalf on Capitol One.

888-769-9272 "ARC Collections"  (Accounts Recovery Corporation). Apparently they have a very annoying auto-dial system, and their customer service isn't very helpful in having your number removed from their call list.

888-261-3147 "Nordon Collections"  Leaves a message on your answering machine saying they have a "Very Important Message" for you and to please call them back.  They're collecting on behalf of Columbia House.

877-622-2662 "EMS Customer Contact Centre"  If anyone knows who this is, for sure, or whether they're doing surveys or telemarketing or collections, please let me know!  My best guess would be that they are something to do with telemarketing (E_____  Marketing Services).  Could perhaps be "Executive Marketing Services Inc.  They claim to be calling on behalf of "one of your service providers".  If you've been getting calls from this number, could you please email me and let me know who you use for your home phone, cell phone, internet, and tv?  Of course if you know who they are, please email and let me know that instead!

918-641-1910 "HSBC Card Services" based in Tulsa Oklahoma.  They're collecting for a Direct Merchants Bank (Mastercard).  Call 1-800-435-1415 if you want to talk to their automated system.  Calling the 918 number gets you a real person.

480-588-9998 "MDS Communications".  They're a telephone fundraising company.  They specialize in fundraising for Christian ministries, conservative public policy groups (like Right to Life), and the Republican party.  They claim to be exempt from the Do-Not-Call list because they're fundraising.  You can call them back at the above number to have your name removed from their list.

800-470-2193 "Canadian Professional Police Association"  They're doing both telemarketing and fundraising.  Their real number is 1-800-378-0929.

905-318-6920.  Apparently shows on call display as Digital Security.  If you call back you just get a busy signal (even at 3am).  The phone number is in Hamilton, Ontario.  I keep trying this one periodically -- always busy.

866-310-6712.  This one is a mystery.  Calls to this number get a mysterious recording about "calling customer service for assistance".  Never says whose customer service.  At the end it says "44-6-3-0", then disconnects.  People who email me report that it *might* have something to do with ADT Security, although they deny it.  PLEASE email me with more info!

888-232-9543.  "Automotive Dealer Support Centre"  They claim to be calling "on behalf of your dealership".  They're doing marketing, surveys, service reminder calls, etc.  I have no idea what dealerships they represent, but a good bet would be the last place you bought a car!  If you call them back you can have yourself removed from their call list.

515-727-9900.  "Wells Fargo Financial" collections.  Call back: 1-877-736-0922

904-954-1093. "CitiCards" collections.  Call back: 1-800-388-2200


Masked Numbers


"Masked Numbers" are, for all intents and purposes, the same as "Private" or "Unknown" showing up on your call display.  It could be your friend calling from overseas, your mum calling with a calling card, a telemarketer, a fraud artist, or almost anyone with a blocked number who uses VoIP (such as Vonage, Primus TalkBroadband, or Shaw Digital Phone). 


Numbers that have called me (mostly pre-2006):

519-645-7126 TD Canada Trust.  The telemarketing centre.  A call back to this number says "The call is not of an urgent nature.  We will try to contact you again later".  They called to sell me an insurance policy.  They have called to sell other people varying things such as overdraft protection and lines of credit.  This one has been moved to the top of the list because I get more emails concerning this particular phone number than I do for all others combined.  Apparently you can call 1-800-818-3700 to be placed on their do-not-call list.

616-980-2171 I don't know who this is, but they called me and their automated system stated that they had a limited time offer to reduce my credit card interest rate. They asked me to press 1 for more options, which I did to try and figure out who they were. A man came on the phone and asked if I was calling to lower my credit card interest rate. I said yes. He asked me if I had at least $3000 in credit card debt. I asked who wanted to know. He hung up on me right away. I would qualify this as either a scam or REALLY bad customer service. A call back to this number gives you the option to have your number removed, or to leave a message. Leaving a message does not work -- it just hangs up on you. I asked to have my number removed... no idea whether that works or not. It's a Michigan state number.

519-667-9881 "Alliance iCommunications".  They're telemarketing.  They called to get me to sign up for an American Express card.  Their salesperson was quite pushy.

613-951-8388 "Statistics Canada"  This is the "Business Registry" department.  They've been calling me for months now.  I'm not sure what they want -- some sort of information about my business, I gather.

800-761-2172 Claims to be "The Epilepsy Society of British Columbia".  The "Customer Service" number they give is 1-800-378-0671, and it is apparently open between "normal business hours, Eastern time".  Eastern time?!?!?! (British Columbia is Pacific Time) And why does a web search for "Epilepsy Society of British Columbia" turn up exactly zero relevant results?  Aha!  Tracked them down.  The "BC Epilepsy Society" has an office in Vancouver. Their number is (604) 875-6704 or 1-866-374-5377.  They confirmed for me that they ARE doing fund-raising telemarketing at the moment.

604-444-0301 "PSV Power Stea".  An exceptionally annoying system.  I picked up the phone and it started ringing.  After about 3 rings, they hung up on me.  Calling them back results in busy or no answer.  It is "PSV Power Steam & Vac Ltd."  Their actual phone number is 604-444-0355.

800-804-0057 "RMCB/AMC" They were calling me with an automated message (from an Anonymous number), and when I called back the number they said to call back, it said they were closed, and to call back during their office hours of 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Eastern, Monday to Friday.  The only problem with this is that I was trying to call them back at 10 am Pacific (1pm Eastern) on a Friday.  Their receptionist is *completely* useless -- even asking her for her company name simply got me an instant-transfer to someone else (where I had to sit on hold).  They are "Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau / American Medical".

905-639-4737 "Goal Line Surveys".  Calling on behalf of Canadian Tire.  An automated recording telling me that if I was not satisfied with the service I received at my appointment last week, that I should give them a call and let them know.  (Yes, I did take my car to Canadian Tire last week).

613-230-2890 "Opinion Search", Ottawa office. Public opinion research firm, wanting me to do a survey.  Their actual phone number is 613-230-9109.  I hate those automated systems where I pick up my phone and hear nothing but silence.

416-962-0231 "Opinion Search", Toronto office.  Public opinion research firm, wanting me to do a survey.  Their actual phone number is 416-962-9109

514-288-0420 "Opinion Search", Montreal office.  Public opinion research firm.  Their actual phone number is 514-288-0199.

800-710-7097 "Children's Emergency Foundation".  Soliciting donations.  Their Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-325-7630.

416-236-3636 "Primus Canada".  Don't know what they wanted, but they're PROBABLY trying to sell me something again.

866-426-3097 "Primus Canada".  Trying to sell me long distance plans.  VERY annoying due to the loooong silence after I picked up the phone, and also very annoying due to the fact that they called me on my Primus phone line -- I'm *already* their customer.  You'd think they could cross-reference their calling lists with their customer lists and save us BOTH the hassle.

204-940-1095 "It's A Great Day Payroll Loans".  Currently they are trying to expand their business in Greater Vancouver (and apparently in Toronto as well).

604-519-0237  "Opportunities For The Disabled Association", fundraising.

1-800-568-8106 "The Customer Service Centre" is Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) telemarketing department

1-800-398-6845 The "Automated Information System" doesn't actually give any information except another phone number to call for information.  It is the fundraising department of Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW).

1-800-895-1309 is the "Customer Information Centre" phone number given in the "Automated Information System" message, above.  WAVAW

1-800-835-3057 "The Customer Service Department"  is the Missing Children's Society of Canada telemarketing department.

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